Services and consulting

Profit Increase

Our team can analyze all aspects of your business. We can show you the  24 point roadmap to bottom line profitability.

Hospitality Management and Compliance

It is critical that the right management team is in place. In filling key management positions,PRC can look outside of the business to identify manager or chef candidates, then developing a system to set them up for success in filling management roles. We also find existing team members with the right qualifications and hunger for growth, is the key to fielding a superb management team that is a true asset to the operation.

Restaurant Turn Around

PRC's job is to do a top-to-bottom restaurant audit to determine where change can be made so that you’re not leaving thousands a dollars on the table each month that could be going to the bottom line.     This process begins with P&L analysis. Both food and alcohol costs and agreements. Team costing and schedule usage and much more.